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We didn't invent the insurance and retirement benefits available today... we just have the experts who understand them!

The Laughton Company  is an ensemble of professionals, working in concert to provide a wide array of insurance and investment services for your business and individual needs.

How we work at The Laughton Company: The Decision Process

Our job is focused on asking tough questions, designing creative solutions, coordinating planning resources, secure financial instruments, and managing performance results for clients. Our work covers three phases:

1. Development phase

In the Development phase our local and national design teams work together with clients` decision-making team to gather data, isolate and quantify potential problems, and explore solution options. This effort combines the experienced staff of The Laughton Company with a group of financial professionals and product resources as well as NFP, Corp's, broad resources, including . . .

  • Plan design specialists
  • Product and product source analysts
  • Legal and accounting specialists*
  • Investment analysts and asset managers
  • Corporate and private banking specialists
  • Actuarial experts
  • Trust services providers
  • Insurance product providers

2. Implementation phase

Once our development team recommends solution alternatives, we perform a final analysis on the financial products that fit the plan parameters. Meanwhile, we coordinate with our clients` legal and financial advisors to complete documentation of the plan and define the administration procedures for the next phase.

3. Management phase

Once decision consensus has been reached, the plan moves into the Management phase. That is when we acquire the necessary service agreements to monitor the results of the plan and respond to ongoing needs. We want you to feel confident that we can help you with short-term and long-term goals.

*Kestra Investment Services, LLC does not provide legal or accounting advice. You should contact your professional advisors for assistance regarding your personal situation.


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