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At TLC, we didn't invent the insurance and retirement benefits
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TLC is a collective of professionals working in harmony to deliver a diverse range of insurance and investment services tailored to both your business and individual needs. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of insurance and retirement benefits with unparalleled expertise.

                                         Benefits of                                            Alliance Connect

Alliance Connect is a cost-effective solution to avoid continually rising premiums in a fully insured plan where employers assume direct financial responsibility for the costs of enrollees’ medical claims. The health plan incorporates several potential advantages for both employers and employees including flexibility and customization, budget predictability, claims management, improved cash flow, and transparency with benefits. Employees under Alliance Connect will also have better access to healthcare providers with less of a wait time.

              Healthier employees by removing current obstacles to care          $0 out of pocket for treatment                                                           Not limited by insurance company
              Meaningful reduction of major claims expenses                               No unexpected bills                                                   Removal of cumbersome insurance billing process
              Competitive advantage in employee recruitment                               Care Management                                Reduction of overhead costs by removing account receivable 
              Next level employee retention                                         Direct access to physicians based on quality                             Stronger arrangement between plan and provider 
              Transparent pricing                                                                               Timeliness of care                                                                                                  - Faster pay & no A/R                                                                                                             Access to traditionally "Out of Market" care


                                  Benefits of                                  Transparent Health Plan

Transparent insurance plans offer some of the predictability of traditional plans while sharing some of the cost-saving potential of self-funding. Employers pay a fixed monthly contribution into a claims account, sharing the risk of covering healthcare costs with the insurer. This approach offers potential for cost savings and surplus refunds if claims are lower than expected. Maybe even more importantly, these health plans offer monthly claims information giving you the ability to better understand a good policy fit for your company, and leverage that information for the future.

Transparency To See Where Your Dollars Are Spent           Long Term Stability Of Payroll Deductions                    Traditional Network Contract
Improves Employee Retention                                  Looks And Feels Like The Same As Traditional Insurance       Familiarity To The Process
Major Reduction                                                                    Tailor Program For Employee Needs                            Assurance Of Payment
Flexibility To Choose From Multiple Networks                                                                                                             Fee For Service Model
Freedom From Off The Shelf Plans             
PPO Security Blanket      

                                      Benefits of                                      Traditional Insurance

Traditional health insurance involves paying a monthly premium to a company that helps cover your medical costs. These plans often involve out-of-pocket costs like copays and coinsurance when you receive care. Depending on the plan, you may have a network of doctors and hospitals you must use to maximize coverage. While navigating claims information can sometimes be challenging, many employers still offer traditional health insurance as a crucial benefit to attract and retain top talent in the competitive job market.

                        Familiar Insurance Company Brands                   Employee Satisfaction                                         Traditional Network Contracts
                        One Carrier For All Plan Components                  Tax Free Benefits  Brands                                   Familiarity To The Process
                        Improve Employee Health                                    Familiar Insurance Company                               Assurance Of Payment
                        Reduce Turnover                                                                                                                               Fee For Service Model
                        Helps Attract New Talent

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