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The Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation in 2020 (Even if You Don’t Travel!)

July 13, 2020

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as a result of 2020 so far, it’s that WE. NEED. A. VACATION! All of us. Every single one. Imagine I’m Oprah in front of a live studio audience: “You need a vacation! And you need a vacation!” There are so many reasons why taking time off from work can give you both mental and physical benefits. Not to mention, summer is a great time to do it! With warm weather and sunshine in your back pocket, a summer vacay could be exactly what you need to get recharged and refreshed so you can thrive with creativity and productivity for the rest of 2020.

While it’s understandable that taking a summer vacation this year may not look the same as it has in years prior, don’t let that discourage you from spending some well-deserved time away from the office. If you’re feeling burned out at work, a vacation could be just what you need. While work burnout is common, it can be detrimental to your stress levels, and “the stress can manifest in the form of both physical and mental effects” according to Anthem and The Benefits Guide. A good way to combat that burnout is to make sure you optimize on those vacation days. In fact, studies have shown that using your vacation time can be truly valuable for your health! Vacations are known to relieve stress, help prevent illness, improve sleep, and so much more. We’ll discuss some of these in depth as well as highlight a few ways to optimize on your vacation days if travelling isn’t an option this year.

When you prioritize your vacation time and make sure you’re using those well-deserved days, relieving stress isn’t the only benefit you will see both physically and mentally. In fact, a decrease in stress levels overall can contribute to many different things. Taking a break from work can help prevent illness and improve sleep. According to EHE Health, chronic conditions related to stress can lower the immune system and increase your chances of getting a cold or the flu. Lack of sleep can contribute to long-term problems such as depression or anxiety.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive but spending time away from work can actually make you more productive! “Taking time to rest and recharge helps workers avoid burnout and fatigue and decreases sick days throughout the year” (EHE Health). It can also keep your memory sharp, increase mental focus, and boost creativity. While some may argue that by taking time off, they could potentially feel more stressed and behind on tasks when they return, that is often not the case!

Even if staying home is the safest and healthiest option when considering your next PTO, this time away from the office can still have major health benefits that could improve your productivity and creativity once you return. And a staycation doesn’t mean that you have to stay at home and do nothing! There are lots of ways to spend your vacation days without leaving town. Spending time outdoors, trying new arts and crafts, or simply relaxing can all be refreshing activities that will have you returning to work with a new feeling of vivacity! So, don’t let the madness of the world prevent you from a vacation or staycation this year. Your body and mind will thank you for it later.

Jessica Hix is an Account Manager and Marketing Coordinator for The Laughton Company. While her day-to-day tasks in the Group Department keep her busy, her monthly blog posts keep her sane! If you’re interested in more content from The Laughton Company, sign up for our newsletters or follow us on social media!